Professional Learning Poll

149 responses

Which of these are true about professional learning in your school system?

145 out of 149 answered

Our school/district culture encourages teachers to innovate and take risks in a safe environment.
64%/ 93 resp.
We promote growth through support from peers, mentors and coaches who provide formative feedback along the way.
64%/ 93 resp.
After an observation, teachers and observers identify changes to make in practice as well as the supports needed to make a successful change.
58%/ 85 resp.
Our administrators keep teachers’ professional goals in mind when conducting observations.
55%/ 81 resp.
Professional learning for our teachers is informed by observation data and individual evaluation results.
49%/ 71 resp.
We actively connect teachers with colleagues who share similar goals and encourage them to work collaboratively toward those goals.
49%/ 71 resp.
Our administrators know the background and reasons behind teachers’ professional goals.
48%/ 70 resp.
We equip our teachers to share evidence of how they’ve applied their professional learning and how it has impacted student learning.
45%/ 66 resp.
We have a systemic way for all teachers create individual professional learning plans.
39%/ 57 resp.